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Gold Panda - Lonely Owl

How I would love to see him live.

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Chip Tha Ripper - (Bitch I) Feel Good (Gold Panda Unofficial Hancock Version)

This made me get all warm inside, literally, like I danced without moving. I usually don’t like hiphopish rap stuff. Unless it’s Kid Cudi, sometimes Lil Wayne, or that catchy stuff like allll right you know what it is blackandyellowblackandyellow song (strangely). It’s that PUSSYSLAPAHOEIMSOGANGSTA unpleasant sounding shit that I don’t like. Like common’ if you’re going to be cliche talking about degrading women, using drugs, and being vain as hell at least be catchy about it… like this song. Sometimes indie artists mesh in hiphop and it just works.

I love Derwin Panda and now because of him I have an appriaction for Jack tha Ripper. The lyrics are catchy with all the same ending syllables and the way Jack extends and pauses for different lengths.

Don’t I look stupendous?
My shine is so endless,
Ain’t shit you can do to end this…

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