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M.I.A. - 27

She started this a while ago but sparked by all the people that have died at 27 - Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and now Amy Winehouse - she finished and released it again.



Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci

My pearl-handled kitty-cat will leave and press your noodle back
Now Google that groupies follow me like Twitter
I’m rolling up my catnip and shitting in your litter
Why you looking bitter? I be looking better

The type of bitch that make you wish that you ain’t never met her
The editor, director plus I’m my own boss
So posh, nails fierce with the gold gloss
Which means nobody getting over me
I got the swag and it’s pumping out my ovaries

Oh, all you basic ass hoes out there
Man I got rooms full of bad bitches
They don’t need Gucci, they don’t need Louis
We swagging, ehh, meow 

lyrics are ridic but I fucking love it. Sometimes… ignorance is catchy. lol


Atmosphere- Sunshine

Sunshine, sunshine, it’s fine
I feel it in my skin, warming up my mind, 
Sometimes you gotta give in to win, 
I love the days when it shines, whoa let it shine

If I could I would keep this feeling in a plastic jar
Bust it out whenever someone’s actin hard
Settle down, barbeque in the backyard
The kids get treats and old folks get classic cars
Every day that gets to pass is a success
Every woman looks better in a sun dress
The sunshine’s an excuse to shoot hoops, get juice
Show improve their moves and let loose
I hear voices, I see smiles to match em
Good times and you can feel it in the fashion
Even though the heat cooks up the action
The streets still got butterflies
Enough kids to catch ‘em
Ridin my bike around these lakes man
Feelin like I finally figured out my escape plan
Take it all and the day started off all wrong
Somehow now that hangover is all gone
Ain’t nothing like the sound of the leaves
When the breeze penetrates these southside trees
Leanin’ up against one, watchin the vibe
Forgettin’ all about the stress, thanking God I’m alive
It’s so simple, I had to keep the song simple
When I get home I’m gonna open all the windows
Feelin all right, stopped at a stop sign
A car pulled up, bumpin Fresh Prince’s Summertime 

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Say Hey (I Love You)

This weekend I’ll be dancing, toes in sand, to Michael Franti and many other wonderful artists for Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I’m SO stoked. Our three car caravan is heading out early tomorrow morning. It’s going to be one hell of an adventure…. beach, jams, our beach house one mile from the festival (some kind of debauchery ahead). I’m looking forward to The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, STS9, Minus the Bear, Cee-Lo Green, Pretty Lights, Flaming Lips, Bassnectar, Big Gigantic, Portugal. The Man, Girl Talk, Galactic, and Paul Simon. It’s a pretty hefty list. The fest will be streamed live by so you can vicariously experience it if you weren’t lucky enough to make it out for the weekend. 

Peace and love <3

Beastie Boys - Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (Feat. Santigold)

New album Hot Sauce Committee Part II leaked

I love musical leaks.

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Chris Brown - Look At Me Now (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne) (Produced by Afrojack & Diplo)

So VERY rarely I’ll post a radio song, but of course only if it’s catchy… which the combination of drip sounds and three wordy mainstream rappers achieves. Not surprisingly, it’s a Diplo and Afrojack production. No wonder it’s bloggable. Of the three solos, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne are my favorite, but don’t even try to understand what the hell Busta is even saying. Regardless, what his words lack in understandability they make up for in their synergistic effect of fast syllables. Chris Brown doesn’t stand out too much.

drip drop ploop dradradrip droooooop

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K.Flay - Less Than Zero

She samples The XX’s “Crystalised” check it out.

A female rapper is refreshing

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US3 - Cantaloop

(Source: musicyaelilikes)

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Chip Tha Ripper - (Bitch I) Feel Good (Gold Panda Unofficial Hancock Version)

This made me get all warm inside, literally, like I danced without moving. I usually don’t like hiphopish rap stuff. Unless it’s Kid Cudi, sometimes Lil Wayne, or that catchy stuff like allll right you know what it is blackandyellowblackandyellow song (strangely). It’s that PUSSYSLAPAHOEIMSOGANGSTA unpleasant sounding shit that I don’t like. Like common’ if you’re going to be cliche talking about degrading women, using drugs, and being vain as hell at least be catchy about it… like this song. Sometimes indie artists mesh in hiphop and it just works.

I love Derwin Panda and now because of him I have an appriaction for Jack tha Ripper. The lyrics are catchy with all the same ending syllables and the way Jack extends and pauses for different lengths.

Don’t I look stupendous?
My shine is so endless,
Ain’t shit you can do to end this…

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Pretty Lights - Kanye West All Of The Lights Remix

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